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[Tips]This technique has anti-counterfeit adjustable technology with great amount of series of samples, capable of carrying out multiple anti-counterfeit application in the meantime without interfering each other.
Supportive inspection device and system are supplied along with this technique.


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Made into anti-counterfeit printing ink
It can be used for all anti-counterfeit marks printed with printing ink, such as various anti-counterfeit trademarks, stamps, invoices, etc.; various anti-counterfeit certificates, such as identity card, driving license, house ownership certificate, etc.
It can be made into multiple anti-counterfeit products in line with requirements of anti-counterfeit classes.

Made into anti-counterfeit plastics
i.e. plastics is mixed with, pressed into, and injected into base material to make packing material for fighting against forgery.

Used as stamp-pad ink for confidentiality seals
Such as seals used for customs, public security, school diploma, offices and key departments in administrative units.

Used as various anti-counterfeit chemical fiber, paper, and cloth material

Used as anti-counterfeit base material and mixed into various substances to make anti-counterfeit identification

Used in the fields of optics, electronics, precision machines, inspection, military affairs, and aviation and space at night for anti-counterfeit identification and display.


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