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Declarations made by Beijing Viewbon United

June 16, 2006

We work together for the same objective.
We desire to win respect by our efforts.
We’ll get rid of self-satisfaction and self-contempt, and clearly recognize eminent future and zigzag road of enterprise.
We’ll attach less importance to immediate interests or temporary gain or loss, refuse any short-term behaviors, and always recognize long-term corporate and individual objectives.
We’ll refuse opportunistic behaviors, and always believe gains are equal to pains.
We’ll overcome hedonism that distorts our moral outlook, and always believe happiness comes from hard work.
We’ll abandon noble and mean difference as well as mercenary attitude, and always advocate equality and mutual aid between individuals, between employee and enterprise.
We firmly believe that devotion is the base to maintain corporate, individual and social interests, and always consider non-devotion as degradation and blindness.
We respect each employee’s special talent and special contribution, and always oppose egalitarianism.
We respect each employee’s labor right and achievement, always advocate “employee lifelong system”, and constantly improve welfare for employees.
We maintain business ecosystem, and always keep equal relations with our customers, suppliers and all partners.
We follow such commercial morality as Customer First, and our corporate activities are focused on satisfying customer’s basic desire.
We adopt such moral rules as “repaying an obligation”, and will not forget any people who ever helped us, especially under our hardship.
We’ll quit conservatism that affects advance of technology, constantly research, study and absorb new technologies, and apply new technologies in product and services as quickly as possible.
We’ll build strict and well-defined quality concept, un-neglect any link in the product quality chain, and show high quality level in software and hardware environment of the enterprise.
We take strict work attitude, adopt process-centered management principals and system-oriented management policies, never work carelessly, and never neglect any small things.
We cherish natural resources and treasures, and always oppose any type of waste. We consider any intentional or unintentional waste as misdeed.
We actively study harmonious relationship between environment and civilization, always oppose low efficient use of energy, prevent material waste, try to extend product life, and actively use clean material.
We actively take part in activities to promote social civilization and help the weak, in which we expect no profits.
We’ll always keep the philosophy of “We are Most Professional”, yet not arrogant or conservative.
We must gradually improve our spiritual level and economic strength. No progress will be made, no enterprise activities serving our principle of Devoting Good Faith and Keeping Truthfulness
will be put into practice and no brand will be recognized, unless our dedication spirit, business scale, technology and management level are more advanced than our partners.


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