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[Name of Product] Infrared Multi-Digital Anti-counterfeit Pigment

[Basic Situation]

This technology achievement is made with the financial aid of the National 863 program 22002AA324030, “Study on Preparation and Application of New Highly Effective Upconversion Rare Earth Luminescent Pigment”, after the completion of the key project of Education Committee of Hunan Province, 97SJWA03863 “Study of Rare Earth Doped Energy Upconversion Property and Functional Pigments”.
This technique is that base material produces fluorescence of five wave bands, red, green, blue, purple, and new near infrared under the effect of near infrared. Fluorescence of the red, green, blue, and purple wave bands are visible to the naked eye. Fluorescence of different colors with stable intensity can be produced with different formulas and processes, forming the property of single material with five spectral ciphers. If produced into color pictures, each color will have a group of ciphers with 5 digits, thus forming multiple ciphers.
Specialists from such fields as atomic energy, chemical engineering, metal physics, laser technology, observation and control technology, optics, mechanics, electronic technology, condensed matter physics, physical electronics, polymer chemistry & physics, materialogy physics, and computer application have been working jointly on this technique for 16 years and made more than 1000 samples. A large data bank with many formula materials (formula proportion, preparation process parameters, spectrum characteristics data, parameters of printing ink property) were established. In addition, over 10 years of stability tests for the materials used in the study has been implemented, proving that the materials are usable at least within 10 years.

Anti-counterfeit Level: Class A

Anti-counterfeit level refers to the lastingness and reliability of the function to distinguish true from false and prevent fake and inferior goods. Anti-counterfeit level is classified into A, B, C, and D based on difficulties to imitate anti-counterfeit technology, testing methods, and minimum time to retain anti-counterfeit property. A is the highest class and D the lowest.
This anti-counterfeit mark is an A-class mark. Not only can high-tech tester be used to make decisive test, but also ordinary scientific means used to make tests with certain difficulties. Besides, normal test facilities can be used to make general judgment.


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