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[Product Technology]
Basic Situation
characteristics of
the product

Specific features of the
3-class anti-counterfeit


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Completely meeting the needs of the characteristics of anti-counterfeit technology required by the country
 Hard to copy and fake
 Huge investment in equipment
 Fair price for the anti-counterfeit product itself, easy to inspect
 Anti-counterfeit mark on the product cannot be removed and reused

Unique anti-counterfeit characteristics of the product
 Ciphers are highly controllable and adjustable
 Long period of effectiveness of confidentiality
 Highly monopolized, hard to imitate
 Clearly identification
 High anti-counterfeit level

Other distinctive advantages
(Incomparable by other anti-counterfeit techniques)
 High-tech content
It is the only national 863 program in the anti-counterfeit area, the key project and the excellent project of the National 863 Program. The leading position, uniqueness, and monopolization of the technology are self-evident.

 High-tech barrier
This technique involves a comprehensive knowledge of atomic energy, chemical engineering, laser technology, observation and control technology, optics, electronic technology, physics, materialogy, computer, and other disciplines. Ordinary fakers are incapable of satisfying the conditions. In addition, this technique and the process itself have high scientific and technological content. It is even hard for specialists in such fields to have a true master of the technique to some extent.

 High technology barrier
Proportions and formulas can be adjusted and designed freely. All materials are processed through proportion, sintering, grinding, mixing, rolling, and other standardized technologies. Imitation of the product is out of the question for any faking processes.


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